Tuesday, July 15, 2008

angel of god

angel drawing

Artist: Darlene Sanguenza Copyright ©

"My favorite prayer when I was a kid"

Angel of God, my guardian dear,

to whom God's love commits me here.

Ever this day be at my side,

to light and guard,

to rule and guide.


Monday, July 14, 2008

creativity in advertising

Last July 04, 2008 ICOMM Marketing Department held a competition which aimed the following: The pursuit of inspired creativity, inventive graphic design, witty copy, the bold impact of functional art, and one year's bragging rights.

Losing teams contributed 3 Large Yellowcab Pizzas and softdrinks.

We were divided into four groups with different energy drink brands assigned as shown below.

Group 1
Maya, Xylon, Jovir, and Albert for Gatorade

Group 2
Guile, Melvin, Jordan and Arnold for Lipovitan

Group 3
Mark Lorenza, Jobette Escobanas, Darlene Sanguenza and Tomas Estrada for Extra Joss

Group 4
Edon, Bianca, Camella, Owie and Jayraldine for Milo

Our Ad Campaign- Extr Joss Team

Extra Joss

- Is an energy drink brand produced by the Kalbe Group of Companies in Indonesia.
- Found a niche here in the Philippines mostly because of its cheap price.
- Most notable ad campaign locally is "Aanhin pa ang bote?"
- Said campaign aimed to market the benefit of product's packaging
- Comes in sachet compared to competition, which come in bottles and cans

Our own campaign

We will go beyond packaging and market the product's other benefits, namely:

1. Give extra energy/stamina
2. Cheap price

Extra Joss retails at around 5 to 8 pesos per sachet compared to the competition, which costs up to 30 to 40 pesos a bottle or can.

Objective and Purpose of the ad(s)

To convey to the target audience the benefits and advantages (extra energy/stamina, low price) of choosing Extra Joss as an energy drink.

Direct Competitors:

• Lipovitan
• Red Bull
• Bacchus
• Revicon I-ON
• Sting
• Cobra

Target Audience

• Lower class or lower middle class crowd
• Blue collar workers
• Students
• People who depend on manual labor to earn a living

These people are specifically targeted because Extra Joss is a cheaper alternative to other energy drinks. At a cheaper price, they don't need to have the buying power of the middle and upper middle class to enjoy Extra Joss.

Supporting rationale and emotional reasons for customers to act on the ads

People who work for a living especially those doing manual jobs, and even students, need a lot of energy. They will seriously consider purchasing a drink that can give them extra energy and stamina to perform their tasks well. That is, as long as the product is cheap.

In these hard times when workers and students need to put in extra hours, extra Joss comes to the fore. Anyone who needs a quick energy fix will enjoy its convenient sachet packaging, its refreshing fruity taste, and more importantly, its affordable price.


Extra Energy at No Extra Cost.


A one-year ad campaign has been prepared to reintroduce Extra Joss to the buying public. Strategic advertising includes quarterly print ads, an annual radio and TV ad, bi-annual billboards, and other marketing collaterals such as stickers and a one-page brochure.

Radio Ad

SFX: (Sounds of various machinery in the background, and other sounds heard inside a factory. A sound of a door opening and a guy’s heavy sigh is heard.)

Guy1: O pare, anong problema?

Guy2 Tumaas na naman pala ang presyo ng pamasahe.

Guy1: Magkano na?

Guy2: Piso ang omento. 16 pesos na ang pamasahe ko papunta at pauwi

galing pabrika. Ikaw?

Guy1: Di na ako sumasakay ng jeep ngayon. Siete lang nagagastos ko.

Guy2: Bakit?

Guy1: Naglalakad nalang ako

Guy2: Ha? Di ba nakakapagod? Pa’no yon?

Guy1: Extra Joss.


VO: Labanan ang pagod at pagtaas ng pasahe. Ang Extra Joss ay may

Caffeine, Taurine, Ginseng at Inositol na nagbibigay ng Extra

energy. Sa abot kayang halaga na siete pesos per sachet. Mag

Extra Joss ka na. Extra Energy at no Extra Cost.



Scene opens showing a jeepney driver climbing aboard his jeepney. Before driving off, his wife comes over and gives him a goodbye kiss.

VO: Sa panahon ngayon, kailangan doble kayod para sa pamilya.

Camera focuses on jeepney driver while driving and doing other tasks such ascalling for passengers, collecting fare, and giving out change. All the while, with a smile plastered on his face.
VO: Bawal ang pagod, bawal ang antok.

Fast forward to driver stopping by a juice stand. Vendor scoops some juice from a jug with the word “Joss” and logo of Extra Joss.
Driver drinks it.
VO: Kaya kailangan mo ng pampalakas at pampakondisyon. Kailangan mo ng Extra Joss

Closing scene shows jeepney driver arriving home and calls out to his wife: “Honey, I’m home.” Wife comes out of the room in a nightie and replies: “I’m ready!”, followed by a wink.
VO: Extra Joss. Extra Energy at no Extra Cost!

Print Ads
Model needs to be changed (for pre sentation only).
Other Ad Collaterals
Lipovitan: The Winner
Lipovitan is the energy drink for young urban professionals - yuppies who work hard to achieve something.
The Message
Exceed your limits.

Print Ad
Radio Script Study
Title: ” O, ba!”
Length: 30 seconds
SFX: (fast-tempo jazz music)
VO: You can easily tell when a person drinks
Male Boss: Ken Rae, billings report on my desk in
thirty minutes. Kaya?
Kenrae: O ba!
Colleague: Brainstorming meeting at ten AM?
Kenrae: O ba!
Male Boss: You okay with lunch meeting with client?
Kenrae: No prob!
Colleague: Sales presentation at two. Pwede?
Kenrae: Chicken!
Male Boss: Can you reconcile these documents,
fifteen minutes?
Ken Rae: Consider it done!
Colleague: Basketball at six?
Ken Rae: You’re on!
Girlfriend: Honey, dinner tonight?
Ken Rae: Of course!
Colleague: Pare, badminton eight thirty?
Ken Rae: O ba!
Barkada: Ken, videoke at ten. Game?
Ken Rae: Game!
Girlfriend: Baby, my parents aren’t home tonight. Shall we?
Ken Rae: O ba!
VO: Lipovitan Energy Drink. Exceed your limits.
(jazz music stops)
Girlfriend: Baby, another round?
Ken Rae: O ba!
Print Ad
Print Ad

Monday, July 7, 2008

Job Interview

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Artist: Darlene Sanguenza Copyright ©
Story by: Guile Canencia